Di Maria and Manchester United headed towards ugly divorce

The saga surrounding the potential transfer of Angel Di Maria from Manchester United is nearing an end, unfortunately it’s becoming to seem it will be a ugly ending.

It has been widely speculated all summer long about a potential deal that would send Di Maria away from Manchester. Di Maria’s time in England hasn’t been the best one, one and off the field. From a horrific break-in by thugs into his home, to not being able to adjust to the physical nature of the Premier League.

The Premier League is a league that takes some longer to adapt and Manchester United’s style of play last season wasn’t exactly one that fits for Di Maria. On top of all that, he made his big move from Real Madrid to Manchester just after the World Cup, and since Argentina made the final, Di Maria missed the entire training camp and start of the season. He signed August 26th and made his debut just four days later. Statistically, his season was a disappointment, scoring four times in 32 matches. But showed enough flashes to make believers that in his second year and in a better and more fluid system, Di Maria could really succeed.

We may never find out.

Di Maria is on the verge of signing a deal with Paris St. Germain. Until this weekend, he has been on a mandated holiday because he participated for Argentina in Copa America this past summer. That break ended this weekend and it was known this was going to be the big make it or break it weekend in the Di Maria sage. There were also reports of a possible meeting between Di Maria and Louis Van Gaal. That didn’t happen because Di Maria decided to skip on the flight the club bought him.

And with that, the divorce seems to get ugly. Any supporter Di Maria had, has now turned. Di Maria now looks like he’s just in it for the money. Even if the deal is close, and even if it is mutual, he is still a employee of Manchester United, and when that employer tells you to board a plane, you board that plane.

Di Maria has now embarrassed himself and the club. Theres no turning back for Manchester United now, they’ve lost the player and now need to move on and try to finalize a deal as soon as possible. In a interesting twist, if a deal is done in the upcoming hours, Di Maria could join PSG early next week and make his debut on Wednesday in Chicago… against Manchester United. Pre-season drama at it’s peak.