Talking Points – Cambridge United vs Man United

1. Back Four

Though at the expense of Van Gaal’s ass-twitching, four man defence is back for good. But if we want to make get the best out of it, we need our injured players back. After putting a good shift during our unbeaten run, Valencia has been dreadful in last few games. Not being a natural defender we can ignore his odd error but his crossing is worse than ever and his ability to beat his man non-existant. We need fully fit Rafael as soon as possible and good news is Shaw is back as well. Jones was good in patches but still not composed and some of his mistakes could have cost us the game.

Marcos Rojo was probably our best player on the pitch and demonstrated his ‘nasty-bastard’ side which we were dying to see from a United player. What he or any other defenders needs is an injury-free run of games.

United's best man on the pitch
United’s best man on the pitch

2. Too much hoofing

Unfortunately I am not just talking about players who are not good on the ball! What’s with players’ obsession to put long range passes since last season? It’s fucking ridiculous. Even good passers like Di Maria and Blind are doing it. Are they doing it on manager’s instruction (which I doubt) is something remains to be seen. Because when we are struggling in the game, logical thing to would be to not lose the ball. According to the recent survey, we have more long balls than anyone else in Top-5 leagues. 1460 to be precise. Baffling isn’t it?

3. No Herrera in the starting XI

Another thing which is beyond everyone’s understanding. The player who made us tick every time when he is brought in, is not starting at all. He is not afraid to pass. Not afraid to tackle. Not afraid to keep possession and take risk. He is a midfielder we need more than ever. I have no idea about manager’s reservation. I’m not even sure if he has any reservation. Maybe he is just trying his options out but it is high time for Herrera to get more game time if we want to bring control and energy to the midfield.

4. Good day for Cambridge

Credit to Cambridge United. They put up a good fight. The club which plays in 4th tier of English football totally deserved the replay and money they’re going to earn out of it. The game reminded of Exter City clash in 2005-06 and I hope the reply turns out the way it did then. We haven’t won FA Cup since 2004 and we can do it this year but supposed ‘easy’ fixtures are turning out trickier than we thought. We have comparatively easy fixtures ahead and if we want to gain momentum, this is the time to do it.

Come on United !!