PICTURE: Come Home Ronaldo – United Fans Attempts To Get Ronaldo Back To United

It’s amazing to see what lengths some Manchester United fans¬†will go to send their message out. In this case, above Estadio El Madrigal in Villareal between the hosts Villareal CF and Real Madrid, where currently Cristano Ronaldo plays, someone decided to fly a plane with a sign that reads: Come Home Ronaldo.

The sign was paid for by members of a United web site “United Reel”, a similar web page then the one I am posting on now, United Ramble. The site has been all about bringing back Ronaldo back to Old Trafford with a campaign not only on their site but on Facebook and Twitter as well. Donations by members of their site made the fly-by possible, which took place in the 15th minute of the match. The videos and pictures have gone viral on the internet.

United Reel did release a statement concerning the fly-by via twitter: “We are all united by our love for Cristiano both as a player and as a person. We stand united in our views and will not stop until we BRING RONALDO HOME!”