Goodbye Danny Welbeck

Being in an airport on deadline day is a regular occurrence for many football fans or anyone involved in the game. For me however I was escaping the madness that was to soon erupt, and quite frankly it’s a good job I was non-the-wiser.

I am a huge Danny Welbeck fan. He gets the club, he knows what it means to put on the red jersey and has played football the way any United youth team player is taught to play. Pace, drive, determination, flare and a desire to win.

Welbeck has had his many critics. Unfortunately far too many were from our own supporters. When times get a little tough some fans will look for a scape goat. Danny Welbeck was certainly one of them. Too many keyboard warriors looking at stats as the be-all and end-all in football rather than lifting their head up from their iPads and witnessing a player with a unique raw talent. Oh the irony of what this blog is being written on.

On to deadline day and I’m up at a ridiculous hour to catch a early flight to the Dominican Republic with the Mrs for her birthday. This isn’t important to the blog I just wanted a to brag a little. However, no major transfer news yet.

There had been numerous departure rumours before deadline day; Cleverley, Welbeck, Shinji Kagawa, Hernandez all looking likely to leave the club. Some further along than others but Welbeck was not a dead-cert to leave.

Boarding time.

Much to the the mrs’ disgust, I thought I’d check Twitter one last time.



What? Where on earth has this come from?

Nothing officially confirmed, but a increasingly number of reliable rumours were breaking, similarly to that of Angel Di Maria’s transfer. Once again the marmite like Guillem Balague was annoyingly involved who, if some remember rightly, confirmed this deal had been agreed last year! A little early Guillem? This gave me a whole nine hours of my own thoughts with no idea whether this was a legitimate breakthrough or more Balague Bullshit.

It then became glaringly obvious that deals for Falcao and Welbeck were dependent on each other and it was just a waiting game for the deals to be consecutively confirmed.

Even the most rose tinted glasses could not hide the difference in class between Danny Welbeck and Radamel Falcao. At Athletico Madrid, Falcao was one of the worlds best, bettered only by Messi and Ronaldo. Not exactly a bad comparison. If he can produce the form the world knows he is capable of, the pain of Danny Welbeck’s exit for some, will be almost be forgotten.

He will always remain Dat Guy and we will always have some special memories from start to finish.

A wonder goal on his debut against Stoke. Arguably the greatest debut goal ever seen at Old Trafford.

That header and all round performance in the Bernabeu against Madrid that left the Madrid fans in awe of this lanky lad from Manchester.

That acrobatic volley against City in the FA Cup.

That saucy chip against Swansea at the start of the David Moyes… experiment.

There are obviously many more memories, both good and bad, but not one fan can deny the effort and determination Danny Welbeck gave for this football club. For that alone he deserves respect and an excellent reception come May when Danny returns to Old Trafford.

It’s always disappointing when a youth product leaves the club especially when it’s one that had the impact on so many fans as Welbeck did and one that has played at the very top for a fair few years. But now is the time for Danny to move on and hopefully improve and play on a more regular basis in his preferred position. With the injuries Arsenal have,Welbeck certainly will be, for the next few months at least!

I wish him the best of luck and a long and successful career.

Dat Guy over and out.

Ben. @_taylorben