Why Manchester United won’t miss Danny Welbeck long-term

Following his £16M transfer down south, it’s fair to say that Danny Welbeck will be missed within the red half of Manchester. But why?

His racious playing style and exceptional work-rate has resulted in Welbeck becoming a fan favourite amongst the Old Trafford faithful, but the question that always hung over him during his United career was ‘is he really good enough?’. It seems King Louis didn’t think so.

For the sentimental Welbeck fans, his stats provide a certain amount of solitude for you to hide within: He was fourth in the “Non-Penalty Goals per 90 Minutes” behind Aguero, Suarez and Sturridge, and at 23 years of age, he has a long career ahead of him. But whilst many supporters become ‘stat obsessed’ when talking about players they love, it is often better to look at what a player does within a season before passing final judgement, and to put it plainly, Danny Welbeck hasn’t done enough in a Manchester United shirt.

It was when we went to Molineux in 2012 and beat Wolves 5-0, in which Danny turned in a performance full of guile, pace and a clinical finish that fans started to purr over his potential, but how often has he matched that away-day masterclass since then? He possesses pace and power that should have opponents running scared à la Drogba, but right at the clinical moments, he has regularly failed to deliver, so in that sense, he suits Arsenal down to a tee.

Whether Welbeck asked to leave or whether he was forced out by the van Gaal regime, the fact remains that Danny is better off elsewhere; for the good of himself and for the good of Manchester United. It seems if he stayed, playing up-top would have been something he wouldn’t have become particularly accustomed to, with many media outlets reporting he was shunted down to 5th choice striker behind the emerging James Wilson. An emerging James Wilson that coincidentally scored 4 goals in one-half against Manchester City in the Manchester Senior Cup. Clinically done.

Yes – It’s sad to see Danny go, but Manchester United will move on very quickly. Like always.