Spotlight Shines On Number 10 – Wayne Rooney

Over the last few years the spotlight that striker Wayne Rooney has been under has shown bright.  Towards the end of the ’12-’13 season Rooney started to clash with Sir Alex Ferguson over financial reasons as well as where he was being played on the pitch.  At the beginning of last season it was thought he would transfer before the summer transfer window had closed, making the match against Chelsea, one of the teams Rooney was rumoured to be linked with, an awkward occasion.  In the end he stayed with the club and played under David Moyes and, well, we all know how that turned out.

The lights did not dim when Rooney donned the Three Lions shirt to represent England in the World Cup.  Critics were constantly questioning his performance and asking more from the 28 year old in terms of goal scoring.  Rooney did contribute to all the goals that were scored by the English side, keep in mind that was only 2 goals in 3 matches.  He had one assist against Italy and scored himself against Uruguay.  The English campaign in Brazil, on a whole, was not good.  It did not seem that the team worked especially well together and there was no real attacking drive which led to few scoring opportunities and goal conversions.  The newly appointed captain for club and country was able to score in his debut on a penalty kick in England’s friendly with Norway, but other than that the club lacked a drive in attack.

Rooney is one of the key pieces for the success of both Manchester United and the England national team.  His hard-nosed style of play works well with the players around him and leads to retaining possession of the ball.  In 443 appearances in all competitions for Manchester United Rooney has scored in nearly 50% of them with 217 goals, this is without mentioning his assist totals and scoring chances he has created.  His national team statistics are about the same, scoring 41 goals in 96 matches.  The numbers are there for Rooney and are evidence of his special playmaking and goal scoring ability.  It is exciting to sit back and watch as number 10 takes the pitch for Manchester United because you never know what you could see him do but you know he will give 100% effort and make things happen for his club.