United’s MK Dons Shambles : Senior Players Should Be Ashamed

Manchester United lined up with De Gea in goal, M Keane, Evans and Vermijl as the centre backs, James and Janko as the wing backs, Anderson and Powell in Central Midfield, Hernandez and Welbeck as the front two with Kagawa in his preferred position behind the strikers. A side that should have been able to beat a league 1 side right ? yeah right !! Tonight Manchester United spent 70 mins without making a shot on target against a league 1 side.

The past year we have seen some bad performances from our beloved Manchester United but nothing top’s what we witnessed tonight. Not even that away defeat at Olympiakos last season. A 4-0 thrashing at the hands of League 1 side MK Dons in the second round of the Capital One Cup !! Yes !!! Second Round !! YES 4-0 !!! YES MK Dons !! YES League 1 !!! As if playing in the second round of the capital one cup for the first time in 19 years wasnt enough of an emberassement our lads put the cherry on top with a 4-0 defeat to MK Dons !!! Surely the youngster bottled under the pressure? Quite the opposite. Some of the u21 players look more composed than the “experienced” heads in the side. The senior players in the side should be ashamed of themselves. This is one of those performances that require your captain to criticize you in an interview to club TV. Where is Roy Keane when we need him ?

Surely the likes of Anderson,Evans,Kagawa,Hernandez and Welbeck were in the side to show some leadership and help out the youngsters? What we saw on the pitch was well, embarrassing. Kagawa was subbed of before half time due to injury and replaced by Januzaj. Evans someone who is considered by many to be the best Center back at the club at the moment was absolutely shocking tonight. At times Vermijl and Keane looked like they were the senior players in the side. Gerrard would have been proud of that misplaced pass from Evans that lead to MK Dons’s first goal. Evans failed to lead the inexperienced back line and the defending throughout the night can be only describes as being comical. Yes I did crack up unintentionally at some points of the game seeing how well the boys were defending. Javier Hernandez spent the whole game misplacing his passes and attempting flicks which never came off. Horrible throughout the game. Welbeck was the only one from the senior outfield players who seemed to be interested but he failed to impose himself on the proceedings. What more could we expect from him when his striking partner and the midfield behind him couldn’t string together more than two passes between each other. David De Gea well he was a spectator other than having to pick the ball out of the net four times.

Then there was the star of the show Anderson *sigh*, What is the point of even discussing Anderson ? Personally I would have rather started with 10 players than play Anderson. How does a player deemed too unfit (fat) to start a game for Fiorentina get a chance to still play at United. Why did we waste the opportunity to give someone like Ben Pearson a opportunity in the first team by playing Anderson instead ? My Six year old cousin maybe more effective than Anderson on a football pitch these days. At least he would run around like a headless chicken towards the ball. Liverpool seem to be doing quite well with Jordan Henderson a player who has modeled his game on my cousin’s. We all knew Anderson was not of “United Quality” but who would have thought he would fail to make an impact against a league 1 side.

Nick Powell partnered Anderson in the middle of of the park. Arguably the most experienced youngster in the side. We all had high hopes for Nick Powell didn’t we ? Well from the looks of what we saw tonight he is more likely to be the next Fedricho Macheda rather than the new Paul Scholes. Nick Powell looks like another youngster who will fail to reach his potential. Apart from two shots Nick Powell’s greatest contribution to the game was being on the pitch to make up numbers till he was substituted for Perreira.

After tonight’s shambolic performance every single one of the players in the side needs to have a long hard look at themselves. Some more than the others. Anderson and Hernandez need to be shown the door as they have had enough chances to prove that they deserve a place in the squad. The only thing we are achieving by keeping these players is blocking the progress of young and upcoming players from our U21 side. And there are people who would rather see Welbz leave than Hernandez ? You crazy ?? The rest of the first team players involved tonight really need to improve if the club is to move froward and not slip further backwards. No matter what, this defeat will linger in all our minds for sometime.New era new manager and here were are three games into the season still without a win !!