Manchester United to struggle, even with Louis van Gaal?

Louis Van Gaal warned during the US pre-season trip: It may be three months until Manchester United is playing at it’s peak. Don’t expect too much, and do expect some struggles along the way.

Every club where I have been, I’ve struggled for the first three months,” ~ Van Gaal

The key to the season is patience. Manchester United may go ahead and win 4-0 on Saturday against Swansea City, and Ander Herrera may even win the man of the match. Chicharito may end up scoring a brace and all will be good in Manchester and it’s fans thinking the club is back and glory has been restored.

Not quite.

Even under David Moyes, United beat Swansea City 4-1, with Robin Van Persie and Danny Welbeck both scoring twice. And this result came a week after United beat Wigan 2-0 to the Community Shield. Moyes’ group had a poor pre-season but came out flying out of the gates.

Nobody will argue that that, despite only two transfers, a league least, this is a better Manchester United team. They will be stronger, they will give a better fight and they will compete in more games. Last season, United got derailed after playing the big clubs. Liverpool and Manchester City both didn’t have much problems with them in the first two months of the season. That team wasn’t build to play in those games and lacked  that fight when they did face them. That will be different under Van Gaal, but how will the results differ? Anybodies guess.

Van Gaal has brought back that winning attitude and seemingly over night has changed the culture. Now fans will hope to be back on top and fight for the Premiership title. Probably unlikely. The club and fans need to keep focus of what is important for the 2014-15 campaign: Finishing top 4.

To accomplish all the goals that have been set out by Van Gaal, the club needs to finish top 4. They need to return to the Champions League next season. There will be struggles for Van Gaal, who comes to a new league, and for Herrera, who also comes to a new league. In the beginning, all might seem fine. But once the dust settles and the honeymoon ends, the true tail of the Manchester United season will begin.

Fans shouldn’t get discouraged if the team struggles early on. That is expected. And Van Gaal knows it’s bound to happen. Fans are likely to hit the panic button if it does happen but even with early struggles, it will not take the team out of it’s true goal which is to finish in the top-4.