PICTURE: Is this now Louis van Gaal’s Manchester?

On a wet and miserable morning in Manchester, commuters were met with this giant billboard in the centre of town, in honour of new Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal.

In the week before the start of the 2014/15 Premier League season, this advertising campaign and promotional material from a betting firm in which we will not give exposure too, is huge and seen in Piccadilly, Manchester. The billboard is similar to that of Manchester City’s attempts a few years back, saying ‘Welcome to Manchester’ with an image of Carlos Tevez on.

The new billboard in Piccadilly goes with ‘Welcome to Vanchester’

The huge billboard pays homage to the new Manchester United manager, to gain excitement with United fans for the new season. Excitement that is not well received on social media, many fans are embarrassed by the billboard and are less than impressed with the betting firm. One United fan said: “The Welcome to Vanchester banner is an embarrassment to all reds, seemingly copying the blue half of the city, hope it comes down before many red attend Old Trafford on the weekend”

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Photo Credit: @MartNoble