PICTURE: Manchester United Sign Vanja Milinkovic from FK Vojvodina

Manchester United and FK Vojvodina have announced the official signing and paper-work completed for 17-year-old goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic to move to Old Trafford.

Manchester United have been in talks with the 6 foot 7 inch Serbian goalkeeper since back in May, but today things had been completed, with the goalkeeper being loaned straight back to his current side FK Vojvodina for the season, coming back to Manchester after the 2014/15 season has finished over in Serbia.

FK Vojvodina club president Zoran Scepanovic, held a press conference to confirm the details on the transfer, saying:

“After lengthy talks that have taken place over the past month, we have finally completed negotiations on Monday and we can officially inform the public that our young and promising goalkeeper has joined Manchester United

“He will remain in Vojvodina for the next year, where he will be under the supervision of our experts and coaches from the English football giants, while continuing to train and perform in the jersey of his home club. This is an opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the realisation of this transfer. Can I point out Manchester United’s very correct attitude.”

Pictured below, Vanja Milinkovic signing his contract with Manchester United: