Louis Van Gaal is large and in charge at Manchester United

Louis Van Gaal’s press conference this morning gave United supporters something to look forward to this season. Unlike a certain someone who took charge last season and kind of mucked things up (Yes we’re all looking at you David) Van Gaal gave his supporters and skeptics a timetable for what to expect before the PL season kicks off August 16th against Swansea City.

For the United captain spot, Van Gaal said it would be up to two months before we have a confirmed captain. The captain spot has been a huge debate for United fans after Nemanja’s exit, with some people hellbent on having Rooney take over, while others say he doesn’t deserve it after the games he played during his contract renewal and throughout last summer’s transfer window. Other candidates for this spot (These have been rumored/opinionated) are Robin Van Persie, or even one of the two young defenders, Phil Jones or Johnny Evans. Jones is an interesting choice as he would be a good long term choice, but Van Gaal would need to see a huge performance improvement from him.

Van Gaal also gave us notice that it would be at least a month or so before he decides to purchase any other players. He said he wants to work with the current squad and see how they stack up already before purchasing any other players. It could also be that he would like to scout some more players further, so it seems safe to say he has some names in mind, but nothing is set in stone.

The Squad took a mild blow with the news that Michael Carrick will be out for at least three months for an ankle injury. While Carrick played more of a squad rotation player role under Moyes, it’s unknown whether or not Van Gaal had a first team spot ready for him, and how the injury will affect Van Gaal’s plans.

Van Gaal also acknowledged the size of the task he has taken on, and said he has joined the biggest club in the world, which is a basic comment, if you didn’t expect him to say that you must live in Merseyside. He said he won’t make any predictions, but he is going for first place. United supporters would be right to expect at least a 3rd place finish.


Van Gaal is probably the complete opposite of David Moyes, and has described himself “confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working and innovative” while Moyes was more laid back, at least in front of the press, we can expect that Van Gaal will be bring the hairdryer back to Old Trafford, which won titles.