Hints of lack of communication at Manchester United?

During his first press conference as United manager, Louis Van Gaal may have hinted that he is not a fan of some of United’s staff members (Ed Woodward). When he was asked about the signings of Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw, he said he did not make the initial move for the players, but ratified their signings.

He went on with his plans for the next few months as manager and he stated that he did not plan to make any signings until he had a little more time to work with the current United players and figured out what his needs were. However, even after this press conference the Twittersphere is still blowing up with rumours that Raphael Varane talks between United and Real Madrid are real and United intend to sign the 21 year old centre-back. Chelsea are also rumoured to have an interest in Varane, while he’s questioning his future at Real Madrid.

Some would think very little of this but if Van Gaal has no intent to purchase Varane at this time then people should be asking why the move is being made before Van Gaal can fit this player in his plans. Varane seems to have the attention of Rio Ferdinand, who seems to have forgotten he no longer plays for United. Ferdinand said on Twitter that Van Gaal should make a bid for Varane before Chelsea have a go at him.

If Van Gaal isn’t behind the Varane rumours, the only other name we could think would have involvement in the transfer is the accountant who seems to buy players now, Ed Woodward. Some would think he’s trying to prove himself for his mistakes last season. However, Van Gaal is the man in charge, and Woodward should not be having a go at transfers unless Van Gaal has designated the player for purchase. Which Van Gaal did not say anything about any other players being purchased in the coming days. Rumours have always surrounded United during the transfer window, but most believed they would cease after Van Gaal said he has no plans to sign players within the few weeks.