Are Manchester United looking in all the wrong places for transfers?

This summer, Manchester United have been linked with many big name players.

Like most Manchester United fans, I have been left wanting a signing to be announced, one hoped before the start of the World Cup. Desperate for some positive actual news. Not rumours of “confirmed” signings on twitter or other news outlets. The most recent rumour that has been declined is Fàbregas. It was rumored that a 30 million pound offer would get the play-maker to make the move. The apparent preliminary steps were set in place by our most favorite ex-manager. Fàbregas, like many other that have been linked, was declined for some reason or another.  Some think its Woodward and others think that United is no longer a place many desire. I want to think otherwise. Our new appointed manager Van Gaal has seemed to be a shadow figure. Obviously his main focus is the World Cup but I believe Van Gaal is putting the leg work into some “quality signings”.

Most of last year Moyes was constantly searching for something to get the fans on his side. Moyes and Woodward seemed to be linked with “big names”. Kroos, Fàbregas Cavani and the list goes on. Pretty much pull a name out of a hat and Moyes seemed to want and we just couldn’t get. Players that would cost upwards of 30 million plus. The question I ask is why? Why do we need someone that would cost that much? We do not need a big name to come in. Look at Chelsea or Tottenham. Yes, sometimes blindly buy players to crunch into a system might work. Manchester City is a perfect example. Now with Pellegrini it might be a different story but we can leave that for another time. Do we want to resort to those kind of teams? Thus far with the two signing we have made over the last year does worry me. Paying 27.5 million for a player that doesn’t seem to fit our team very well and paying 37.1 million for Mata. Mata is a very good player but the buy didn’t make sense to me. We already have players that like to occupy that position. It is just something that we could have used that 37.1 million on a few players that would fit better and the type of player that we actually need. A player like Jordy Clasie. He would probably cost around 12 to 15 million and is the type of central midfielder that we need. Someone to play along side Carrick. Now our system will most likely change with Van Gaal coming in but for argument purpose we cannot predict what me might do.

Van Gaal is someone that will build a system from the bottom up. Look at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Van Gaal built those powerhouses and he put the leg work to make those teams we see today.

Now I am not here to create rumors or say who United should sign but as United fans we do not want to splash 30 million plus on a player. Small young talented players that can come in a do a job. Have those players grow into the system. That is who United is. Gathering players that fit. lvg

We have been burned by making “big name” signings in the past. Veron, Anderson and I would say Young and Nani have been big wastes of money, just to name a few. There is no reason to spend big money on those players. Look at United 05/06 transfer season. 17 million spent on 4 players. 3 out of those 4 players were huge contributors to our successes in the late 2000’s. Vidic, Evra and Park and Ben Foster cost United only 17 million! How much money did they bring in and how much did they add to the United’s legacy. Now look at Ashley Young, he cost 17 million. That really puts things in prospective. It is not all about the big money splashes that make the difference. We as United fans should trust Van Gaal in what he is doing. There has to be a reason why he nixed those transfers.

So lets look for players that would want to come play for United and the type of player that we can mold into someone great. Obviously easier said than done, but big splashes of cash is good for t-shirt sales. Not building a team for the future. I can take another trophy-less season if see progress. I understand that immediate success  might not come but I can wait while a dynasty is being built.