Ronald De Boer warns Manchester United Louis van Gaal “can be scary”

We have already witnessed over the past few weeks what Manchester United’s new manager is like with the media with his ruthless approach, now Ronald De Boer has claimed that both on and off the pitch that Louis van Gaal “can be scary.”

In claims that the new United boss can be scary at times, De Boer also expects Van Gaal to trust his new group of players and that they will bounce back after the disappointing season, finishing 7th under David Moyes.

The arrival of Louis van Gaal into Carrington will be a welcome wake up call to many of the players at Manchester United, especially with his fiery approach to coaching and on the sideline. De Boer said that although he will happily say his piece, he always has time to listen to the players.

Speaking with the media, Ronald De Boer said:

“Yes, he can be scary, but that is because he is so passionate. He is 100 per cent all the time and he wants the same in return. You could see it on the sidelines but he could be even more intense on a Monday morning, especially if we’d lost.

“If he knew that you hadn’t played well, he would be straight on top of you. He is a big guy, he wants to win and that is where he can be intimidating and intense. But even if he shouts at you, he will listen to what you have to say.

“He gives players chances to prove themselves. If you play badly in one game he won’t drop you straight away. He will give you the trust to repay him with a better performance next time. He puts trust in players but he expects it back from them. He doesn’t want to be let down.

“He has got some great players there. He wants them to be excellent in everything they do. If you do it the way he wants he will be your best mate.”