GIF: Rafael Da Silva awkward landing causes concussion

Manchester United’s Rafael Da Silva suffered concussion on Wednesday night after falling awkwardly in a headed challenge with Olivier Giroud at the Emirates Stadium.

As the ball was flicked up off the ground, Rafael came in strongly and over the top of Giroud with the motion flipping him over and landing awkwardly on the back of his neck. Watch below:

GIF: Rafael Da Silva awkward landing

rafael da silva
Credit: ManUtdGIFs

After the drab 0-0 with Arsenal, Manchester United manager David Moyes had this to say regarding Rafael Da Silva and his defence during the game:

“Rafael is concussed, but he’s okay. He seems okay just now. I have to say I thought Rio came on and did great. I thought he and Nemanja Vidic showed experience in the second half. They were composed when they had to be and at the times they needed to be as well. So well done to Rio as it’s never easy coming on at half-time especially in a game like this.”